Looking for a meditation class?

Skillful Mind is now supporting meditation leaders all over the world to run community meditation classes. Below is a list of our mediation class locations. FInd a venue near you - and if you don't have a class near where you live - why not start one yourself. You don't need to be an expert as we support you every step of the way. Click here for more information




South Australia

Brighton - Adelaide

Happy Valley - Adelaide

Moana - Adelaide


Woodcroft - Adelaide

Murray Bridge

Wasleys - Adelaide

Western Australia

Australind - Perth

Joondalup - Perth

United Kingdom


Ripon - London


Edinburgh / Musselburgh


United States













Weekly Skillful Mind Meditation Classes

Do You Need A Weekly Refresh - To Get Your Mind Back On Track?


Peter Radcliffe and his team love running weekend meditation retreats, and offering excellent insights and value. But not everyone can make it to a retreat - or if they have been on retreat find it hard to keep motivation and momentum. So Peter and Mardi went to work to create and train a team of Meditation Leaders - that now offer classes around Adelaide - to make the art of meditation even more accessible to you, and all that would like to bring more inner peace to their lives.


Would a weekly meditation group help your spiritual journey?



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What style of meditation will be taught?

The sessions include a range of meditations from mindfulness and insight that Peter has found popular over the many years he's been teaching. Some meditations will be simple guided meditation, where you simply follow the voice of the Leader, and some will give your mind a bit of a workout - helping you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. The teachings are non religious but many stem from ancient teachings of Buddhism, Hindi and other traditions. Everyone is welcome.

Do I have to have experience in Meditation?

Not at all. Our classes are designed with beginners in mind. First time and experienced meditators are welcome to attend.

Do I have to go every week?

It's not a requirement - and you are free to attend as you please, but we do recommend you attend every week during terms. This helps keep up your motivation towards a successful meditation practice that will enhance your life. Every 5 weeks our Leaders are provided with Skillful Mind session plans covering different topics - and attending all sessions will give you the benefit of a greater way of experiencing different kinds of meditations, and insights about why meditation should be an important part of everyone's life. Making a commitment to your wellbeing, learning about what suits you, and sharing experiences in a group can enhance your meditation practice. Sessions may or may not be run during school holidays - depending on venues and Leader availability - contact your local leader for more info.

Why should I attend weekly meditation sessions?

Meditation and mindfulness are said to be the keys to happiness and joy. Building a daily practice can be challenging, and including a weekly session can help increase your motivation to make meditation a habit - and stick with it, while giving you the opportunity to share your journey with like minded souls. To find out more about the benefits of meditation please click here.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions go for approximately 50-60 mins, but don't worry, we won't make you sit still and meditate all that time!

As a guide the sessions may include an introduction, easy 5 minute stretch, 2 meditations - to add to your 'meditation toolbox', and time for discussion in-between. Our aim is to have you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and ready to make meditation part of your life for the better.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on venue costs and overheads - visit your local Leaders page for more info by clicking here

What do I need to take?

Chairs will be provided but please feel free to bring your own meditation cushion/ stool and yoga mat if you wish. Yoga mats are not required, but some prefer to use them if sitting on the floor. You should also take payment, an open mind, and eagerness to learn :)

Who are the Leaders?

Our Leaders have been trained and selected by Peter Radcliffe, to follow in his footsteps, sharing the ancient art of meditation as he's learned from his many years of travel and experience. They come from a range of areas and backgrounds, have all attended retreats with Peter, and feel a connection to his style of down to earth teachings. Find out more about them here. Please note that Refresh Leaders are independent of Skillful MIND Company.


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Or, if you would be interested in becoming a Meditation Leader yourself,

you can find out more about our Meditation Leaders Program by clicking here.