Skillful MIND Leader Program Full


Create a thriving meditation class in just 28 days



Create a thriving meditation class in just 28 days

The Skillful MIND meditation leader program has everything you need to learn, get certified, advertise and run a successful meditation class. Our super friendly team meet regularly to make you feel one of the family. You are not alone when you are with Skillful MIND and together we can both make your classes a success and raise the consciousness of the planet by getting more people to meditate.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Detailed online instructions on how to meditate
  • Video course on how to run your own class
  • Access to dedicated resource website & Facebook group
  • Free promotion via Skillful MIND online presence
  • Referrals from Skillful Mind retreats/events
  • Support and communication with other Leaders
  • Expanding list of tutorials created each month
  • 20% off future Skillful MIND weekend retreats or 20% commission for any of your students that come on our weekend retreats.