Meditation Retreats

Here’s Corina Sims talking to Peter about her experience at the February 2021 Retreat held at The Monastery. She talks about what prompted her to come to the retreat, what she liked about it and who she would recommend Skillful MIND Retreats to.

Corina Sims

It’s important to know why other people think meditation is beneficial before you book your spot on our Retreats.

Here’s Fiona talking about how like acupuncture, meditation has proven benefits that positively affect the well being of a person.

Fiona Young.

Thankyou Peter for a wonderfully practical and Informative weekend. I now have the tools as well as some of the ‘theory’ behind it to really ground me in my new meditation journey!
I can now see that what I thought was meditation was actually ‘dullness’!!!

Rose Pride

Here’s some more

I began my meditation group last week and I am now sitting here this evening and am so emotionally overwhelmed at how well it went. Everyone who came last week returned and plus another newbie.
All paid 5 weeks upfront. It’s not about the money but the positive feedback, group energy, accomplishment, and how grateful I am.

I cannot thank you enough. I had so much fear and battled massively about not being good enough.
None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your amazing teachings.
Very grateful .

Leyla Bate

Adelaide, Australia

Peter, I really enjoyed the retreat. It was well balanced with activities, teachings and free time. I’m sure that as time passes and I integrate the teachings, much more will become clear to me. Thanks again.

Peter Harvey

I found the retreat in July to be a great experience, I learnt new skills that are useful in daily life and enjoyed great food and met some interesting people. Thx Peter you made it meaningful and kept the group interested and challenged us with your teachings.



Great weekend! Learnt so much would highly recommend to all beginners or long time mediators. looking forward to The January retreat to help take me to a better understanding. Loved the yoga…..

Julie Stewart

Hi Peter, Your skillfull mind retreat was fantastic. Thanks for presenting so many different styles of meditation in just 2 days. Rose and I meditated 15mins this morning and will extend it to 20mins next week. Your teaching has provided us with a very clear and practical approach to meditation and has made it very “do-able”. I have gone on other retreats and allowed my practice to drop however, this time I beleive I will be able to continue with daily practice because of the practical tools you have provided. Can’t wait for the next retreat. Thanks Rex

Rex Guthrie

It was fantastic to have a mixture of different types of meditation as this ensured i was able to gain confidence in the style that suited me


Flinders Medical Centre

Hi Peter,

Thanks again i feel very at peace and have continued to practise being aware and mindful since I left yesterday.
I feel like a different person and am just so excited to wake up everyday, instead of dreading it. I have found my place on earth and as a result know my purpose and how to start doing what I want, using the tools you gave me.
I learnt so much Peter and I just wanted to thank you so much, you have helped me to believe in myself again from a deep down core level, which I believe is hard to tap into by myself without the awareness and mindfulness tools you have reinforced.


Onkaparinga Council

I took a meditation retreat with you a few months ago and it was just as such an amazing experience. I learnt a lot and I loved the way that you taught us about many different techniques in meditation. The weekend gave me so much more than I was expecting and the value for money was excellent, as were the facilities and accommodation. The attention paid to us from you and your friendly team was wonderful. Also I want to take this space to say thank you for the great care to have gluten free food available in the retreat. Since I took the retreat with you I have been devoting some time each week to practice my meditation and definitely feel more relaxed and peaceful as I go about my busy life. Thank you so much 🙂



Thanks for an amazing weekend!! Adare Castle was very big, old and fascinating – cannot believe that I never knew it was there!! A great teacher, wonderful class mates, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful vegan food was prepared for Glenn & I, lots of walks, meditation, yoga and learning. Have had a positive shift in energy and we have already started meditating at home!! What a great way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Thank you Peter and All. Kerri xxx

Kerry Alderson


I would like to thank you for such a wonderful weekend. I can honestly say that this retreat has opened a new chapter in my life and has changed me for ever. I have promised myself to never go back to the way I was before.

I have continued to meditate every day allocating half an hour before getting ready for work. I feel like a different person, I actually feel happy inside. I do not remember feeling like this for a very long time if ever. My family and friends have made comments that i came back a different person.

Thank you

Anna Olde

Meditation Leading Programs


Peter inspired me from the very beginning – being persistent at telling me to really focus on what others were saying – not just what I have always heard or thought I had heard.


Adelaide Diagnostics

I have really enjoyed our meetings, you are a good listener, sincere, generous and very perceptive. 


Victor Harbor Cirty council

Thanks Peter so much for last nights Coaching …I will recommend you to everyone I know..you have what it takes to help transform peoples lives.


Nirvana Wellness Centre

You get right to the issue of what holds me back. I would recommend you to anyone.


In Media Solutions

Your coaching has helped me more than I possibly imagined. Thank you very much.


House mum


I found this workshop extremely informative, enlightening and motivational. I now have a greater understanding of Buddhism and Meditation and I look forward to furthering this knowledge.


I have attended many and varied Buddhist teachings and meditation groups over the years but this group was so simple, clear and easy to understand that it gave me a much better understanding of all that I have previously read and heard. My thirst for further learning is well and truly reignited.

Moira Ocean

Glenside Mental Health

The coaching for happiness course let me see how I could be the author of my own emotions and left me feeling positive and enthusiastic.


Autenticity Yoga