Run a WorkShop

Running a workshop on behalf of Skillful Mind will

  1. Introduce you to more customers
  2. Allow you to get to know other leaders
  3. Create additional income
  4. Promote our Passion

Our vision

Our vision is to support meditation leaders all over the world. BUT not all people want to learn Online. We get lots of people who tell us – they want to join our program but would rather do a workshop in person. This is where your opportunity comes in.

Help us, help others and help yourself by running a leaders workshop on our behalf. Run a one day workshop for people in your community that are keen to learn how to start a meditation group. There is no requirement for them to join Skillful MIND though we hope they will.

What you can Expect

You will run a one day workshop to teach the do’s and don’ts of running a meditation group. The workshop will follow the structure of the Module 4 teaching on running a group. Here is the schedule that you would teach:

We help you do this of course with teaching notes and schedule etc. We even have a pre-recorded one day workshop done by us so you can see exactly how it is done.

We will Support you Each Step of the Way

Here is what we Offer:


Teaching Material:

  • Free access to learn meditation audios prior to workshop
  • Complete teaching plans for the whole workshop including teaching notes for every lesson


Marketing Support:

  • The use of our booking system to book customers including payment gateway to take payments on your behalf if you need it.
  • A professional sales page written for you for your workshop
  • An email sequence that keeps your customers informed
  • Marketing support telling you how and where to market for best results


Mentoring and Support:

We mentor you on every aspect from marketing, advertising through to delivery and follow up of your workshop

Here is what we Expect from you:

Whilst we give you the how-to, it is up to you to do the leg work of advertising. You may also choose to invest in paid advertising if you wish. 

The actual running and teaching of the workshop

You can choose what you charge for the workshop and whether or not you provide lunch. Our suggestion is around $30 per person.

Your Profit for Running the Workshop

You will keep all proceeds from the entry fee to help you with your hire/setup & running costs

Should anyone decide to join our program in any of the courses or memberships we offer, you will get 30% or all sales. As per our Affiliate offerings.

More information on our affiliate scheme can be Found here:

An Example

Let us assume you attract 8 people to the workshop and 4 of those people decide to sign up and become a meditation leader.  If you charge $30 per person for the workshop you would get a total of $1020  ($120 from entry fees and $800 in affiliate commissions). 

Contact us for more information.