Mindfulness is the foundation and the result of all meditation; it is the key to wisdom in that it allows us to understand how our minds work. It’s fundamental in enabling us to dissipate negative thoughts, be at peace with ourselves and the world, and to realise that the mind is infinitely more significant than you may currently realise.  

This week’s blog is all about accepting mindfulness, something which is all the rage at the moment and beyond that, it is one of the most powerful practises we have for our emotional, spiritual and physical health.  

So I want to put you in a little situation which I’m sure you’ve been in: when you feel like you have angry or frustrated thoughts, and you are mindful of those thoughts – hoping they will pass. But sometimes they won’t go, they stay in your mind, making you question – what is the power of mindfulness if it doesn’t help me stop feeling bad? 

To help you pass this, I want to teach you about another level of mindfulness that you can go to, to allow those negative feelings to go away. Not only do you need to be mindful of how those thoughts are impacting the way you are feeling, but you also need to accept it. You need to be mindful of the fact that your frustration isn’t going away, and accept that. Accept that frustration is a natural part of having negative things happen in your life. 

What happens when you accept the natural frustrations as a natural part of life, oddly enough, it will start to dissipate, and you will begin to feel much better.

All of this is accepting not only of a situation but also accepting your thoughts within the situation. This technique is quite advanced and is not always easy, but it is extremely powerful for your mediation and your life in general.