Is anxiety something which is a part of your life?

It is completely natural to get anxious sometimes, most of us do.

In this blog, Peter discusses a simple technique which can be extremely powerful in helping us reduce and remove anxiety from our lives, particularly anxiety revolving around an upcoming event or activity.  For many young people, anxiety can stem from having to give presentations in front of their classes, or simply everyday tasks that happen within the classroom.

Anxiety is based on the idea of our mind of imagining something in the future, and that thing going wrong.  This is where the negative feelings around it stem from.

And so, quite simply, the solution is to go into the future and look back on/imagining the positive outcome of that event!

Go ahead and imagine yourself after you have given that big presentation you’ve been anxious about, or sitting for that exam you need to do, and imagine how you will feel once you have completed it successfully, with nothing holding you back!

Have a look at the video above to get a deeper understanding of how to practice this technique.

We would love to hear how it works for you and if it makes your anxiety a little bit less than it was before!