We are all talking about the new reality of COVID-19.


So in this blog, I want to discuss two things; how we can boost our immune system with meditation and what we can do to help positively at the moment. 

Immune system booster

Below is a recording I have made as a guided meditation that will help bring mindfulness to your immune system at an unconscious level and strengthen it.

Very importantly, however, to get the most out of this meditation, we must first have confidence that it will work. The mind has a significant impact on how our body runs, so if we believe this meditation will have a strengthening effect on our immune system, then it will. Likewise, if you are sceptical that meditation can have any effect, then the benefits will be limited. 

So before we start – consider this:  At times when we are worn out and stressed, we are far more prone to getting a cold or flu, and we also find it harder to fight off an infection. I’m sure we have all experienced getting sick when we are down. I know I have.

So we can understand that the reverse is also true. A mind and body that is relaxed, focused and open, will be less prone to falling ill. And more than this, it will also heal better if it does become sick. After all, a DIS-EASE is not named so by accident.

With the understanding that the above is true, you will be in a good place to get the most out of the following meditation. Please enjoy.

How to best use your time in the weeks to come

We love to support you, and we appreciate any support you give us too. This is true for your community as well.

This is why we want to help you learn meditation or – if you so desire – teach meditation. Now is the perfect time to do that. You have time available, and you have important reasons to be getting started.

At times like this, we take stock of our lives and appreciate that life should not be just about work and trivial things, but our own personal transformation into a better person. 

Meditation is not a new fad but has been helping humans make these kinds of self-transformations for over 3000 years. It is a tried and tested method that will go on being helpful to people now and in the future.

With Skillful MIND, you can learn how to meditate correctly, or even better, start an online community with classes for people in your area. Our existing leaders are working on transitioning over to on-line meditation classes – and here is what we are doing to help.

We are creating a centralised google calendar of all on-line classes for our leaders. That way, we can get on-line classes around the clock from different leaders all over the world.

If you are a student, you will be able to find a class that will suit your time zone and will be able to participate from home. And if you are a Skillful MIND leader, you will be able to attract students from every corner of the world.

To get more information on our google calendar as a Skillful MIND meditation leader, send an email to sarah@skillfulmind.net.

To access our calendar of on-line class click on the links below.  (Please note that both calendars have the same classes on them, they are just set up with AEDT + GMT time zones to make things clearer.

Online Class Calendar AUSTRALIA        

Online Class Calendar UK


We just created these calendars, so we don’t have too many classes up there yet but keep checking back as we add more leaders.