Wouldn’t it be great if you could create bliss while you walk?

During our last advanced retreat, we did just that. Read on to find out how or, if you’d prefer, watch the video below of my livestream I did this week on our Facebook page, on creating bliss as you walk.

Research shows that all emotions can be induced through visualization. Our bodies do not know the difference between the real and the imagined. So if you visualize something good happening to you, your body reacts exactly as it would if that thing were, in fact, happening to you. Using just your imagination, you can induce yourself to feel blissed out and happy. I decided to put this claim to the test during our advanced retreat.

During our walking meditation time in the morning, I strongly visualised the place I was walking as a sacred place where every step filled me with blissful, serene energy coming up through my feet. The place chosen for our retreat was really beautiful and so it didn’t take a lot of imagination but nevertheless, I had to imagine it as energetically powerful.

I began a walking meditation, taking slow, mindful steps. I drew my awareness to the body and the breath as we gently put one foot in front of the other. I walked barefoot to feel the earth more fully.

With every inhale, I visualized blissful energy rising from the earth through my feet.

As the ground gently massaged the soles of my feet, I visualized every blade of grass, poking a hole in my feet through which this energy flowed effortlessly. I did this for 30 minutes and was charged with an overwhelming feeling of peace and bliss. For a whole week, every time I walked mindfully, my brain would receive the signal that it was in paradise and I would be instantly reconnected to that blissful energy.

This was an empowering insight since I realized that I can prompt myself to feel bliss in just a few minutes no matter where I am or what I might be experiencing. I hope you can create your very own reservoir of bliss with this simple but effective technique.  Let us know how it goes!

And don’t forget to join us on Tues morning / Mon night – to connect with us and tell us how you went – because Zig Ziggler said you are the sum of the people you hang out with.