Have you ever contemplated “what is the meaning of life?”

It goes through all of our heads at one time or another.

And if there is a meaning of life, it must be simple, because there is beauty in simplicity.

We have all spent time contemplating the big questions – perhaps me more than most. And as I like to keep things simple I have settled upon a goal, a rule, and a secret.  

The first point is The Goal 

When we think about why everyone is here and what everyone is chasing we think of money, abundance, sensual pleasures, fame and love.

So what is it that ties all of it together, or what is the foundation? Is it simply happiness?

At the end of the day, whatever we do in life we are chasing the elusive goal of happiness. We think that having more money or getting more friends will make us happier.

And of course, some of the things that we think are going to give us happiness don’t necessarily end in long-term happiness. In meditation, being happy is the bliss of just being present in the present moment, and that is perhaps the highest state of happiness there is.

As Dalai Lama said,

“All human beings want happiness and to avoid suffering“.

And so, this brings us to – what is The Rule?

As we all want happiness, the rule is that we shouldn’t bring suffering to other people. We shouldn’t interfere in others right to find their own happiness. You can do anything to find your own happiness as long as you don’t interfere in other people’s right to find their own happiness.

The last is The Secret – (which is key)

Long term happiness is best brought about by helping others.

It is a secret that many of us know in our hearts or we speak about.  But often in real life many of us default at least somewhat to greed for ourselves and think less about others.

But this Secret ties the other two together.

We want happiness but we also mustn’t stop other people from finding their own happiness but ironically the highest form of happiness we can find is to simply help others in their own pursuit of their happiness.

The goal, the rule and the secret are beautiful compilation about what is the meaning of life. Please let me know what you think.