Have you heard about the benefits of yoga? Are you wondering how you can start experiencing these benefits?
Do you find that you are very busy and don’t have “me time”? Would you like to be able to restore your energy, uplift your mood and have strong and flexible body? Do you find that you can’t find the simple pleasures in everyday life and are you wondering how you can get them back? Would you like to be able to sleep well and feel rested in the morning?

Then I have good news. Yoga can assist you in all those areas of your life,  bring you closer to find the meaning of life and find the answers to the questions you’ve been struggling to understand.
You can find your own path and your own way to implement what you would learn in yoga.
With yoga you are able to listen your body and this is the key that unlocks many doors you may have been knocking so hard on.
The best convincer is your practice… With yoga it is better to start at a beginner level whether  you have never done it before or have not been practicing for long time… It is good to start simple which helps you to enjoy it. It is important to find a group and teacher that you get along well and  feel comfortable with.

I recommend you start with restorative yoga because you will feel the benefits almost straight away and get more energy.  For people who are very active this approach is very beneficial because very often we don’t restore properly after excessive training and good stretch with deep relaxation can help us to experience a boost of energy and steady progress in other physical training.
It is important to go to classes regularly because you will experience different practices and get ideas on how you can add to your practice at home. If you start your own practice at home with 2-3 asana a day you will create a habit to do it regularly. You don’t need special place or time and it is good to be flexible with how you do it. Even in the morning before getting up or before going to sleep you can do a few stretches and/or pranayama. It creates a sense of achievement.

Enjoy your yoga practice.