Did you know that our mind can be one of the biggest blockers to achieving weight loss?

Most people know what they should be doing, and in fact have used countless methods over many years without achieving any sustainable result, and in fact find that their weight begins to slowly increase over time.

So how then is it achievable to release weight and keep it off?  Like most things in life, our emotions will be a big driver in regards to action or in-action, and our will-power does not last forever.

The key then is to be able to manage our emotions, which create physical and internal changes in our body – ie think when we are happy, we smile, feel good, stand taller and engage with people.  When we are sad, our face changes to looking unhappy, our shoulders and body slumps, we cast our eyes downwards, and we do not engage as well with others.

There have been many science based studies around the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to combat and relieve stress.  The same principle applies to weight loss.

When we are in a state of stress, our gut function becomes inhibited, and the stress hormone Cortisol is activated, which creates the “fight or flight” response in our body.  This response simply signals our body to slow down the digestive process, amongst many other changes – which inhibits our metabolism.

Simply put, when we are emotionally stressed, our body also becomes stressed, and metabolism slows down in addition to wanting to store fat, instead of release fat for energy.

SkillfulMind’s new 8 week Peaceful Weight Loss Course is designed to help your mind slow down, relax and give you the tools and awareness to reduce and manage the stress response.  In turn our body can then function at optimum metabolic levels – enabling you to release excess weight.

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