As another week comes to a close, some of us in Australia are coming to the end of our time in lockdown, while others are bracing for another couple of weeks with strict rules.  Wherever you are, endurance, tolerance and patience during these difficult times is so valuable – so I thought it would be a fitting topic for the week.

It is also a fundamental quality of a SAINT.  (which is what we are looking at in these weeks).  As you will remember, last week I discussed generosity and our ability to give without attachment.   And this week – I want to talk about the act of patience, and not just COVID – but relationships, loss, frustrations, anger and anything that we can do nothing about in our lives.

Have a look at this morning’s live video below (which I did in the pouring rain) –  to hear my thoughts, and join in next Tuesday for our weekly meditation to share your thoughts with me.