The world has gone into lockdown mode with the spread of coronavirus.

This means, for many of us, the inability to go out and carry on as usual.

Whether this inability to leave our homes is a burden or not – depends a little on if we can find the silver lining in it. While our usual routines are disrupted, this can be seen as an opportunity to work on projects which we have previously not found the time for.

So rather than reach for social media or turn on the TV to continually check news updates, why not look for other opportunities that might present themselves.

Being confined is, in fact, the exact conditions we try to emulate when we organise our retreats. 

These are the conditions we strive for, as it gives us the least distractions while practising mediation.

So, my suggestion to you is to use this time of home and social isolation to schedule time to practice your meditation. Why not try to double or triple your usual meditation during this time.

Another suggestion is to take the opportunity to invest in your personal development.

As you know, I run meditation leader programs, and the number one reason people give who want to join but don’t is:  “I am too busy at the moment”. And I am sure you can relate to this yourself around your personal development.

Am I correct?

Now is the perfect time to make use of any enforced isolation. Take advantage of any on-line courses that you want to do. Skill up so you are better prepared for when the current pandemic crisis is over.

If you have any questions in relation to your mediation practice or anything we can help you with at Skillful MIND – send me an email at
Whatever you do during this time, make sure you take advantage of the time it allows you to spend at home to work on your self-development. Don’t waste it way with worries that you can’t do anything about.