Happiness and success are both important, but should we ever put our success above our state of mind?

Some people work so hard to make successful careers because they believe that it will bring them happiness one day in the future. And yet, often, these people striving for ‘success’ end up feeling void or alone.

A good exercise to practice is finding the reason behind that reason. It shows you why being happy at the moment is so important. Happiness strongly impacts and contributes to our success, and a lighthearted approach to success usually works far better.

For example, if you consider a problem or issue that you have, be it anything you are working on or something you are trying to achieve, ask yourself, “Why?” rather than, “How?”.

Ask yourself, “What will I get when I achieve the outcome that I am intending?”

Most people want visible success, but then they can don’t dig deeper to find out why they want it. They want to be financially secure and stable, so they can have the freedom they desire – a freedom which gives them a sense of security. However, many of the people on their journey to success lose their health, time, and the people they value most for something they assume will pay off in the long run, which often doesn’t turn out to be the case.

They chase fortune, labels, or high incomes, which most likely cause burnouts and more stress.

Is it worth reaching the goal when you didn’t enjoy the process of getting there?

At the end of the day, we all want happiness, peace of mind, or a sense of accomplishment.

If you think of all the difficulties that you had experienced over the past week, there is no doubt you will feel disappointed. However, if you are thinking about how lucky you are to live where you live, have a house, feel free to study what you want, feel more grateful and acknowledge all that you already have.

Practice being grateful and ask yourself, “What is something that made me happy today?”. There is always at least one reason to feel happy and appreciative.

Your standard of happiness is yours to set high or low.

Happy people are far more motivated and productive. They choose to look at the bright side of things, are optimistic, and often feel so glad through smaller pleasures. Happy people have meaningful conversations and relationships, they embrace their struggle for life and appreciate all they have experienced.

Often, we assume success is a high form of achievement or excellence; however, success comes from the psychology of excellence, which means successful people are invariably happy and positive, to begin with.

Relatively speaking, an ‘unsuccessful’ person’s life might not appear as good as others, but they breathe happiness and have more fulfilled accomplished lives. What would you rather?

If you are trying to become successful but are having a miserable time doing it, perhaps it is time to change. Rid yourself of limiting or negative emotions that are holding you back from finding your own happiness.

Work out your internal psychology first and then go out and take on the world.