For this week’s blog, I want to talk about the grey zone

What is the grey zone, you ask?


Well, to begin with – I want you to imagine the parts of your life where everything is going perfectly as the white zone.

And then, when your life totally sucks – imagine that as the black zone. (We have all been there, haven’t we!)

Well, the grey zone is where we spend most of our lives and is the period when some things are going well, and some things aren’t. It is when the majority of life is just OK

This is the most dangerous place to be.

But if your life is going averagely – why would I call that dangerous?

One word.  Complacency.

You see, if we are in the black zone, we will sure as hell do anything to get out of that place. So we take action. We look for a coach or any help we can get.

And when we are on top of the world (financially, health-wise, in relationships), we have the energy and resources to stay on top. We can easily afford a coach – but we don’t need one as everything is going great already. 

In the grey zone, there is so much potential to improve.  And yet, even when we have the resources to spend on a coach or another form of self-improvement, we often don’t do it.

The reason why is simple.

Procrastination and complacency.

So ask yourself, are you in the grey zone?

How long are you going to spend there?

Is it time to take a risk and invest in yourself? 

Are you ready to take the plunge and do something you are passionate about in life?

There are risks in everything, but given our few short years on the planet, it is worth taking chances to be the best person you can, and the years have a habit of flying by in the grey zone. 

Just do it!