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Many of you will know that our family has just expanded with the birth of a new baby boy (we called him Taj). On occasions like this, when a new life come into existance, it is a good time to reflect on why each one of us has been born into this world. What is your reason to be alive? If you know, and you are following your life purpose, then you are one of the lucky few who will be always motivated and also happy most of the time.

This is because motivation is an outcome of working in alignment with your values (ie what is important to you). And what higher value can you have than your life purpose? Also, if you are highly motivated and doing what you believe in, then it is quite likely that you will also be happy.

If on the other hand, you find you are not motivated, lack energy or are unhappy, then one of the most important exercises you can do is to find out what your values are. That is, both your conscious and unconscious values. Then, once you have them, prioritise them and sort out any confusion. For example, some people think money is a high value, but it might just be a means to get something else which is an even higher value. So be clear about what your highest values are.

To help with this I have recorded a set of audios which can guide you though the whole process of finding your values. To try them click here.

Now, if you find out what your values are and then discover that your work and personal life is not being led in accordance with these values, then possibly you would benefit from making some changes in your life – for your happiness and your health.