Distraction is of course the main enemy of meditation. In fact you could say that pure meditation is the effort to remain free from distraction and focused on the meditation object. So with this is mind, below is one of the most powerful meditation tips that I have. To help people of all levels of experience.
But before I tell you what it is exactly, I need to re-iterate as I do over and over again. That meditation happens in the present moment. If you are thinking about the past or the future, then you are distracted. Keep that in mind as you think about this tip.
When you find that your mind has wondered away from the meditation object, then that realisation is itself a return to mindfulness so you should congratulate your self. In the next moment freeze frame the thought you were having and overlay that thought with awareness of your breath. Have the thought as a static picture while you breathe through it with the breath. Place more attention on the parts of the breath than you do the picture and gradually, the desire to keep going with that old train of thought will fade and you will begin to enjoy the pure simpleness of being with the breath. At this time let the picture fade and keep going with the breath. (assuming the breath is your meditation object.)