Do you currently use or have used in the past, a meditation app? If yes, think back honestly and count the number of times you have actually used the app in the past month. Have you been regular with your use of the app?

The reality is that while a lot of people download these apps in a wave of inspiration, they almost never follow through with a regular meditation sitting. The reason for this is that most meditation apps are missing two crucial elements required to establish a successful meditation practice. Both these elements have been a part of meditation long before the internet and the creation of apps. They are:

  1. Human connection: There is a power that resides within group meditations that are not accessible in solitude. The creation of a space dedicated solely to the practice of meditation filled with people who share the same intention can have profound effects on the quality of a meditation practice. A community can help us share, understand and integrate our experiences during meditation.
  2. Accountability: As you probably know, when left to yourself,  you’re less likely to stick to a regular schedule for meditation. But if you’re a part of a meditation community, you know that people are expecting you and you are therefore, more likely to make it to your meditation sittings. Sharing your experience during meditation and hearing from others will help you stay inspired and motivated in your practice.

Many people have realized the deep benefits of group meditations. Community practice have grown significantly over the past few years. You can be sure that many people in your area are actively looking for a safe space to practice and deepen their meditation.

Could you be the one to provide that space for them?

To lead a meditation, it is not necessary  to be a guru with decades of experience. Anyone can lead a meditation sitting with the right training and intention. SkillfulMind has created a leaders program to support anyone who wants to learn how to lead and host group meditation sessions. We give everything you need to create a vibrant sacred space for your community. If you enroll in our program you will learn:

  • An array of powerful meditation techniques
  • How to find and attract like-minded people to your sessions
  • All that is required to arrange weekly public sessions
  • How to create meditation lesson plans
  • How to handle any ‘people problems’ that may arise .
  • How to cover the costs of running the session and not spend a penny of your own money

And much more!  There is deep joy in guiding others toward breakthroughs and giving back to your community in a positive way. Here’s what our past students have to say about this program:

“Participating as a Skillful Mind Leader is beginning to open other opportunities within the health and wellness sector. It is positive to remember that we are sharing meditation with the wider community.” ~ Emma – Meditation Leader Brighton

“The Leaders Workshop takes you through step by step… if you truly want to learn about meditation and leading meditation groups, Peter & Mardi show you what it takes – and that you can do it!” Heather – Meditation Leader Victor Harbor

“I feel that this had made me a committed, stronger meditator. I have much joy assisting my participants learning Peter’s techniques, and also committing to the weekly practice (some daily), learning the skills to control the mind bringing peace and happiness to their lives.” ~ Verity – Meditation leader – Warradale

It’s time to take charge of your meditation, ditch the apps and start building REAL connections with your local community. Email us and get started on your journey toward becoming a thriving meditation leader.