Over the past few months I have been creating a new meditation practice which I have found to be effective in helping me be more in the present moment.

I want to take some time to share this meditation with you and soon there will be a recording to follow.  I have called it ‘Wish I Was Here Meditation’, and it will be evident why!

First, let me explain how the idea for this meditation came about. A while back I was daydreaming about being somewhere else; I imagined being on a sunny beach, being on a holiday in a place far away.

It was a pleasant thought but there was also a feeling at an unconscious level that by wishing I was somewhere else, I wasn’t completely happy with where I was at that moment.

By daydreaming about being elsewhere, doing something different, I was inadvertently creating a negative connection with being in the present moment.  Exactly what we do not want in meditation!

This led to the understanding that whenever I have a thought where I am wishing to be somewhere else, or doing something else, or even being with someone else, that this isn’t the path to having a peaceful mind.  I understand that we should only wish to be in our present moment.

So to practice this meditation, I gather up all of my desires and I wish with all my heart to be exactly where I am in the current moment.

I wish I was on my meditation cushion, sitting in the exact spot I am sitting in now.

I wish I was breathing in and out just as I am now, I wish I had this exact same pain in my knee that I have now, I wish I was feeling the way I feel now.

Everything we are feeling now can teach us something important, we can learn from it all. It will make us more resilient in our mind, and it will give us a great sense of fulfilment and contentment.

If you give this meditation a go, let me know how it goes – I would love to hear your experience with it and get any feedback.