We all know of the intimate relationship between our mind and body and yet our behaviour sometimes does not reflect this. We eat unhealthy food to please the mind or spend time consumed by negative thoughts, not realising the chemical cocktail that it releases to our body.

I was reminded of this close connection recently when I tried something I have been meaning to do for a long time. I treated myself to a float tank experience. It was quite blissful to just shut out the world for a while, though what I didn’t expect was how my body reacted to thoughts. In that environment, where there is no light, no sound and your body is suspended in the water, I noticed that when a sudden negative picture or thought came into my mind it caused a shiver or jerk in my whole body. Wow – now that was more than I had expected.

However, it is not just the negative thoughts that can affect us. I was fascinated to read recently that optimistic thoughts such as affirmations can actually change the structure of your DNA. Incredible! If you also consider that we replace all the cells in our body every few weeks, that means the stories of miracle cures are entirely plausible. In fact, the surprise is that they don’t happen more often.

So go ahead and treat your body to some special attention and your mind to some positive thinking. And if you want to try floating like I did, I recommend you go and see the beautiful Airlie at the float room. Let her know you read my newsletter and I’d be curious to know if you had an experience similar to mine.