Have you found setting goals in the past has not really worked for you?  Like New Year’s resolutions that only last a few weeks?

Setting goals effectively is a science. If you want to do it correctly you have to set goals for the unconscious mind, not the conscious mind.  Here I give you the step by step guide to building clear and specific goals that you can embed into your unconscious mind for the best results.

If the unconscious and conscious mind go up against one another, it is important to understand that the unconscious mind will win every single time.  So, until your goal has been accepted by the unconscious mind, you’re going to have your work cut out for you.

There are two crucial steps that you need to be specific with. 

First, there needs to be a date.  There is nothing better to focus the mind than by setting a specific date as an end goal.

This helps the mind to realise that actions need to happen before the designated date. For example, let’s use a date three months from now, 16th of July 2020.

Second, you need to have an end step – an evidence marker that shows you have reached your goal.  This should be either a specific, or a measurable thing. Some examples of this could be: an exact bank balance (if your goal is financial), a specific weight (if your goal is weight-loss related), or perhaps a certain duration (if your goal is sports/fitness related).

Whatever your goal is, you have to be able to visualise yourself at the end stage of accomplishing it.

Here is a short sentence I use that might help you:



Here is an example – It is now 16th of July 2020 and I have completed a full marathon.

You can see in that example, you are putting an image into your unconscious mind of you being in that exact position three months from now, you are showing it that it is possible.

To really help the unconscious mind to see that it is possible, you have to be able to visualise it.  The unconscious mind doesn’t connect with words, but with vision, sounds, feelings and other senses.

So, if you start to really visualise yourself completing that marathon, your unconscious mind will begin to believe that it will happen.

Continue to amplify those feelings of achievement to make a strong impression on your unconscious mind.

All of this planting of affirmations and sensations of being able to achieve your goal will work so much better than simply working only with the  conscious mind.

Give it a try with a goal you are currently working towards!