The Meditation on impermanence is one of the most powerful and useful meditations on the planet. Full stop!

It is probably one of the best known Buddhist meditations there is for reducing thoughts that cause agitation in the mind which makes this meditation a must.

The Buddhist teachings say that everything that exists is only temporary or impermanent, therefore nothing can be held onto – everything changes.  We are born and we die, we are young and we grow old, new buildings crumble over time, thoughts, feelings and situations change over time – nothing remains the same and EVERYTHING vanishes.  Cast your mind to 100, 1000 or 10,000 years from now – what will be left of what you know now?

So in hanging onto to parts of our life that we know will change, will invariably cause suffering, as we mourn the loss of what once was.

To be able to accept what is and not form an attachment or cling to objects, thoughts or situations, will bring about an understanding and acceptance of impermanence – that everything will change – therefore alleviating suffering.

Download the meditation and practice it until you know if off by heart. It even helps in normal life when you encounter a difficult situation.