Richard Branson sums up a sentiment that has been with me for a very long time. If there is an opportunity to create something you are passionate about  just say yes first and work out the details later. Don’t procrastinate worrying about what could go wrong.

Will it get you in trouble sometimes  – Probably!  It has me,

But when you are 90 will you regret the bumps along the road to living your dream or will you be grateful you pursued your passion despite the bumps. – Most certainly the latter.

I had a great salary and a wonderful job as an engineer. I liked it – but it was not my passion. I wanted to explore my own mind through the art of meditation. Then I wanted to teach others what I had discovered. So I said YES. I started small – Just running a meditation circle once per week. Then I did a weekend retreat. And in time it was time to quit my job and live my dream.

You can ask me if it is was worth it – but you already know what that answer is.

What opportunities are passing you by while you worry about how (or even if) you can do them?