The modern world is moving fast and new inventions and theories arise every day as knowledge grows and converges. There is the convergence of technology (everything now on a mobile phone), convergence of medicine (natural with pharmaceutical and old with new), convergence of art and more.

For me, the most exciting convergence is that of ideas and philosphies. I continue to be amazed, and encouraged, at how the buddhist philosophies of the past are providing the grist of new ideas and methodologies in science and medicine.

In psychology for example, mindfulness based techniques are now becoming mainstream in the treatment of a number of different conditions. Mindfulness, of course, is one of the fundamental foundations of meditation.

The field of NLP arose from the simple assumption that ‘if you want to be successful at something then pick a successful person and model them’. That is, do, talk and think the same way they do and you should get the same results. A common Buddhist meditation is to visualise yourself as a Buddha and try to think, talk and act in the same way. This is supposed to be a fast track to enlightenment.

In the science of quantum physics, new findings point to our very existence as being dependant on the observer of that existence. In other words, your computer only exists because you are looking at it now. This is also a fundamental view point of Buddhism, and is a favourite topic of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

To see that new research reinforces old philosophy is empowering. As more views converge and reinforce each other, the more powerful is the argument is to adopt the new and better ways.

For me the fact that the techniques of meditation have been around for over 2500 years shows that it must work for the greatest number of people and yet the new reaseach keeps comeing up with new powerful ways to use these same techniques to transform people.

I hope everyone stays open to ideas past and present, philosophical and scientific with a view to engaging in an exciting ride.