As a life coach I have worked with many people who’s biggest struggles are overcoming stress, anxiety and depression so this week I have decided to put together a series of videos to help the SkillfulMIND community to not only get more information about them, but also some bits of advice on how they can try to overcome these three things.

One of the main things to understand is that stress, anxiety and depression don’t necessarily have anything to do with where you are in life or what your circumstances are – but rather, have to do what your frame of mind and beliefs.

The overriding thing is to look at your personal belief system and to change it into a more positive one.

Each of these videos below should be watched in sequence to get a deeper understanding as to how to do this, and if it helps you to feel better we would love to hear about it.


1. Anxiety and Depression Introduction

2. The Wrong Path


3. Missing Out


4. My Mistake


5. Worthlessness


We would love to hear how you went with these techniques and any feedback you might have.  Hopefully it helps you to live a more positive life with less anxiety and stress.