We are all looking for success in one area of life or another. Whether it is in the field of business, social, family, sports, or even spiritual.

And today, finding out how to improve is easier than ever. There is so much knowledge available on the internet and there are so many teachers and books that can show us how to get success in different areas of life. BUT one thing is still in short supply. The one thing that underlies all success is a mind operating from a peak state. If your mind is subjected to depression, anger, anxiety, or resentment, your success journey is fruitless.

So, what is a mind that is operating from a peak state?

There are, broadly speaking, two answers. (from a business perspective and a spiritual one)

From a business point of view, people will say it’s about being passion-driven, focused, motivated, enthusiastic, and clarifying where you want to go. Business mentors will motivate you to get into that state of mind.

From a spiritual point of view, a person would say that a peak mind is entirely tranquil, equanimous and calm, (and with an open heart for gratitude, love, and generosity).

Depending on what concerns us in life, we will be searching for both of these states of mind.

Is it possible to have the two above states of mind at the same time?

Yes, it is possible, and not only that but they both support each other as well.

If you can create a calm state of mind, there will be periods when you feel at peace and tranquil. This creates an excellent foundation for taking action on your goal. You can reset yourself mentally by developing a system that works best for you – you can meditate and positively influence your emotions.

When you combine the two of them, that state of mind produces a sense of flow. You can effortlessly go out and achieve things without trying so hard or feeling stressed about it. You will feel a tremendous sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in the process.

It is rare indeed to find a teacher or a coach however that is able to strike that perfect balance so that you are tranquil and at the same time focused and driven. That is why here at Skillful MIND, Manna and I have specialised in helping people achieve this exact state of mind.

Please reach out if this blog stikes a cord with you, and you also would like to strive for that peak mind.