Today I want to share with you a simple but powerful story from the Cherokees of North America.


A chief sits with a young Indian, and a thoughtful conversation follows. The chief speaks of two wolves within each of us, two wolves always at war.

The first wolf is in darkness; full of jealousy, anger, greed and hatred.

The second wolf is in light; made up of love, compassion and appreciation.

These two wolves are in a constant battle – each trying to overcome the other.

The young Indian listens to the chief as he speaks and eventually, after thinking

for a while, he asks,

“Which of the wolves will win in the end?”

The chief replies,

“It depends on which wolf you feed”.


Such a simple, short story, and yet so thought provoking. It is always easier to feed the first wolf.  It’s easy to dismiss, procrastinate and complain, but if we feed the light, we will be the ones who will benefit from it.

What do you think?