Last night I had an extraordinary dream where I was with an animal in the snow, and there was a place with summertime not very far away.

I tried to persuade this animal to get out of the snow and go to the place where it was warmer, but I just couldn’t convince this animal to leave the snowy realm. The reason why was because this animal had lived all his life in the snow and had no clue what this other place was like and was too scared to go.

There was a valuable lesson for me in this dream, and I decided to share it with you. Many of us don’t typically investigate dreams for lessons, but it was something apparent in this case. None of us want to move to an area that we can’t relate to or don’t know about.

There are many people that we try to convince to move to a better place in life, but they can be reluctant to do so. This is because most people are not familiar with how much better the other place is.

For example, a person with no education cannot appreciate the benefits of having an excellent education. It is the same way for a person who hasn’t experience meditation – they cannot appreciate what it is really like to have a powerful meditation.

I want to share one of my experiences with you from a meditation retreat a while ago to encourage you to try meditation or practice it at a deeper level.

At some point, while I was meditating, I noticed some physical changes. I had a free feeling in my stomach as if all my insides were relaxing. It felt like butterflies in my stomach, and it was beautiful.

At first, it felt strange, but after some time, it felt quite reasonable. I began to realise that I had been holding tightness in my stomach for years and that it had become ‘normal’. Sometimes when you are stressed, you feel you have knots in your stomach. When the stress goes away, you go back to what you think is reasonable. But perhaps there is another state that is more relaxed than usual. That is just one physical benefit, and of course, there are so many other benefits when you meditate.

Getting out of your comfort zone to stimulate personal growth from time to time creates a little bit of stress, increasing your focus, creativity, pace, and drive. This helps you respond to stress when unexpected things happen, and you will find yourself doing things that once seemed impossible.

I hope this inspires you to go out and try new things that you have never tried before!