In the next few weeks, we will be making an exciting (and a bit scary change) to SkillfulMIND by changing the platform that we currently use.

We are moving over to a new software platform which will be an improved format and version of the previous one.  It will be easier and more simplified to view our Courses via either your laptop, tablet or Mobile phone, creating an intuitive user access experience.

The other really exciting development is that with this change in platform we can now offer you the opportunity to become part of the growth of SkillfulMIND!

This means that you can help to spread the vision of SkillfulMIND to create meditation communities in every suburb and town around the world.

How you may ask?  Well this is the best part – you will be able to participate in a Profit Sharing Affiliate Program as we grow our Company!

Yes!  That means that you can potentially earn a residual income!  More details coming soon!

As with all major changes we anticipate there may be a glitch or two as we fine tune the backend systems and technology, and for that we apologise in advance….and ask for your patience and understanding as well as letting us know if something is not working for you.  Your feedback and support will be invaluable in this transition.

All in all it is an exciting time and we are looking forward to partnering with you as the future unfolds..