As we start a new year I am taking a departure this week to my normal blog format to think about the future.

And of this I am certain – Change is happening and it is getting faster.

Here are my predictions

  • 50% of current jobs will be taken over by machines (but new careers will be created)
  • There will be more wealth and abundance (though how evenly spread it is between everyone is a question)
  • Technology will enhance the way we live
  • BUT – This technology will not make us more happy!!!!!!

I say this last point because it seems we have progressed so much already and yet mental suffering is still rife and war and greed are destroying our planet faster than at any other time in history. – so technology is not an answer in itself.


There is a great opportunity in this however:

  • If we have more time available (due to machines doing the work)
  • And there is more abundance to get our needs met
  • And people are still searching for happiness

Then the Health and Wellness sector is going to boom!

There will be billions of people struggling to cope with change, but with the freedom to explore new opportunities and they will also be searching for healing and meaning in life.

So if you are getting tired of your current occupation and looking for a change – something worth while where you work on not only your own Health and Wellness – but others too –  then this is the perfect time to move forward and make that change!

Over the coming months SkillfulMind will be hosting Workshops where you can learn how to become a Meditation Leader and utiilise the support of our Leaders Program.  Our first Workshop will be held in Adelaide February 10th and then in Victoria March 2nd.  Please check our Workshop Events page for more details.

Of course if you dont want to wait for the f2f Workshop we have an Online Learning Program –, where you can get started straight away!

Wishing you all Abundance in every area of your life and may 2019 be YOUR Year of Change!

Best Regards