You are not alone. We are all told the benefits of mindfulness and we feel it is good for us, so why do we stop? – and just as importantly what will it take to get us to initiate a stable practice? Will it take a crisis?

In this blog I want to explore the uncomfortable fact that in many cases –  it does often take a crisis to motivate people to really put some effort into improving their mental health.

And the reasons are two fold. Firstly a crisis can act as a wake up call for us to finally take action.  And secondly, if the crisis is big enough – it can leave us feeling so down that nothing in life has the taste of sweetness any more. This can lead to disenchantment and detachment from all the things in life that used to give us enjoyment.

This detachment can cause us to look for peace rather than excitement thus leading us to the meditation practices of mindfulness.

Let me explain: