There is one thing that is common to all great people. They stand on the shoulders of other great people that came before them. Look at the interviews of great people around the world and invariably they will tell you about all the people that inspired and taught them in the past. These teachers can come in different forms; school teachers, role models, famous people, lovers, family members and even unlikely people like taxi drivers. Each can give out a pearl of wisdom that can change a life. Some give know how ‘know-how’ skills such as teachers. Some motivate you like mentors because they have already done what you want to achieve. And finally there are those that help you change the very beliefs and emotions that hold you back. Today we call these people a coach as they help you get to the peak of your performance.

I am presently writing this newsletter from the grounds of the NLP University in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. A squirrel has just squeaked through my window at me from his perch on a giant redwood tree. As I look out past the squirrel, I see other people are practicing coaching techniques with each other. Techniques that are being used around the world to move people in a powerful way toward a fulfilling life. This is a place where not only skills and learning grow but also relationships and a sense of mission to make a better world. I am so lucky to be a part of it.

But like waves on the ocean the skills that we learn today will be used and taught to others when in 2 weeks we all go back home to teach others. Whether it is on our upcoming meditation retreat or through group and individual coaching these skill will be passed on to help those that I come in contact with. NLP for coaching is quite unique in that the premise for change is that because each individual is unique, there is no one best way to create change. So unlike other methods which have just one way, NLP is so flexible there are almost infinite ways to help/coach a person depending on the individual.

These include, working with the body, an emotional state, memories, beliefs, underlying structures of thinking, the rational mind or the unconscious mind and many more. With so much choice and flexibility a person can find out just what suits him/her self to effect a change. It’s no surprise that NLP is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of change work today.