Have you heard of the word Homeostasis? It is the ability of a system to keep it’s own internal balance.

Our body normally does a great job of keeping things in balance – but boy do we give this system a run for its money. With all the caffeine, stress, sugar, staying up late and adrenalin activities we try hard to put it out of balance.

One of the most interesting things that happens to a few people on our retreats is that on Sunday morning they wake up filling sick. No – its not the food we serve on retreat – that is very healthy. It is the body getting rid of all the toxins that we have been holding on to during our high pressure lives.

It is actually a purification and people need to just let go and allow themselves to be a little ill. It is the body coming back into balance. Of course this is a little annoying when you pay money to go on holiday and then your body gets sick.

But we need to listen to our body and actually give it more opportunities to come back into balance – so look at your diary ahead and workout where you can take some time off just for you – call it a homeostasis break!

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but balance, rhythmn, order and harmony.