Many people have asked me what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about, so this newsletter is for them. There are a few ways to explain NLP, but the one I like the best is to follow how NLP starts. NLP begins with the question “what do you want?” The next step is to look around for someone who already has what you want and model him or her. The premise of NLP is that if you think, talk and act the same as another person who is achieving the things that you want, you should get the same results.

Fortunately for us, many of the successful behaviours that we want have already been modelled and distilled down to their core components. There are strategies for getting rich, strategies for overcoming anxiety, strategies to read better or improve at maths. There are ones to find a partner, to lose weight and to quit smoking. In fact, there are strategies for most things that we will ever need.

It is useful to know that all of these strategies came about through modelling other people (particularly therapists) who have already achieved excellent results in their particular area.

When I first learned about NLP this sounded very logical, so I tried it out. The techniques worked so well I decided to become a trainer and coach of NLP.

How can NLP benefit you?

To answer this question, you should ask if there is anything you are doing that is not working for you – and if you know of people that are doing it better that you. Or better still “What do you want?” If there is an area of life you could improve, and you have a suspicion that it is because you are not thinking, talking or acting as efficiently as you could, then it is worth finding out if a strategy has been modelled to do it better. Through personal coaching or doing a group course, you can learn and master your strategy. That is how you get what you want in life.