Last week in my setting goals video, I promised to give you an audio on how to imprint your goal into your future and into your unconscious mind.

Some people may believe that just wishing something will make the universe “manifest” it. I don’t believe this – but the key is getting the unconscious mind to work for you to take action and find natural opportunities for you to move toward your goal.



I have recorded 2 audio’s below to take you though the process of achieving what you want in the future by ensuring your unconscious mind works with you instead of against you.

The process has 2 basic steps:

  • Be careful to create a goal that works
  • Use hypnosis to install the goal at the unconscious level


If you do not structure a goal in a way that is appropriate for the unconscious mind, then you won’t get the maximum impact and thus you will be less likely to achieve your goal. In the audio we talk about

  • Creating positive goals
  • Putting a date on a goal
  • The language of the unconscious
  • Checking congruency


Once you have the goal, sit back, relax and just let this audio do its work to set your new goal deep in your unconscious mind so it becomes part of you. It’s very easy.