Take a few minutes for this crazy meditation….

Below is a very unconventional meditation that will bring about some powerful learning on how thoughts work.

The meditation is split into 2 parts. The first is to clear your mind of all thoughts and see what happens. The second is…..  well, you will have to play it to find out.

Listen first..


Once you have listened to it – lets discuss what you learned?

Did you succeed? Which one was harder?

Sometimes the mind goes blank automatically on the second meditation and for a while the mind is even more quite than when we try to make it empty as in the first. Did you find this? Why do you think this is so?

Also, despite the obvious strain, lots of disparate thoughts do not cause emotional stress because you never stay on a –ve situation for more than a moment. (Only running a movie in your head about a –ve situation causes emotional stress) So it is not the quantity of thought you have which causes stress – it is the quality of thought!

Finally this shows that meditation is the art for neither a blank mind, nor a full mind – but must be the “middle way” of thinking about a single neutral object.

I hope you liked this simple yet insightful meditation.