A retreat is a chance to make a complete break from the freight train or our normal lives. A Retreat allows you to focus on teachings and deal with internal shifts in a supportive environment, free from day to day distractions, in the company of like-minded people. In this atmosphere it is common for people to progress much faster than on their own. Have a listen to what Collette says about her experience on Retreat.

At Skillful MIND we aim to offer you a retreat that:

  • Provides a variety of down to earth teachings – suitable for everyday people living in a world of family, work and modern stresses
  • Presents with easy to understand language to help you grasp the concepts
  • Is suitable for anyone interested in learning about their mind body connection – whether you’re a beginner or have some experience
  • Has a great balance of theory and practise – giving you a solid foundation to build your own practice after retreat
  • Is complimentary to existing faith or beliefs
  • Teaches you a diverse range of take home techniques you can implement immediately
  • Gives you a supportive environment to explore yourself